Network Construction

Revenue – generating networks at an economical price

AgilNetworks delivers the world class services necessary to implement telecommunications projects. Our seasoned team has successfully cultivated skills that provide the processes, designs, program management, logistics, engineering, construction, and quality oversight necessary to achieve your business objectives.

Quality of Product

Speed to Market

Low Price Point

Deep expertise – Our senior leadership team draws on 30+ years experience with MCI, Cable & Wireless, NTT, Digicel, Eircom, British Telecom (BT), AT&T, Black & Veatch, and Verizon. The leadership has worked together as a team for the past 5 years building networks and content in previously unserved markets.

Global experience – we’ve worked in more than 15 countries across North America, LATAM, The Caribbean, Europe, The Middle East, and in Australia.

Proven Processes – AgilNetworks delivers the Business case support, Architecture, Processes, Design, Project management, Logistics, Engineers, Construction teams, Quality control, and equipment to ensure the success of your project.

Rapid Return on Investments – We deliver revenue – producing networks within four months of mobilization and maintain close coordination with sales as we turn over additional customer zones on a weekly basis.

Turnkey Solution – We provide the documentation and process to ensure ongoing data integrity for fully integrated content and bandwidth directly to the home, along with training so you can maintain and operate your network independent of third-party support.

Country Mobilization Experience

KM Built

Households Passed

Why Work With Us

The AgilNetworks team Ensure Quality with more than 150 detailed standard operating Procedures for construction and installation. We work with your engineers to define user requirements and design an efficient, state of the art, network which will meet the customer’s needs and budget.

Major Accomplishments:

Depth:  Access to over 240 resources within Latin America and the Caribbean
Experience: Mobilized construction teams into 10 countries
Speed: 4,000 km Networks built and ready for service in under 12 months.
Competency: Average project scope was 600 KM and 40.000 HHP
Emergency Response: Rapid mobilization to address catastrophic events (Hurricane’s Irma and Maria), Built 1400 KM network in less than 11 months, across (3) hurricane crippled markets.


Project Financing

USA Investor Backing
Large Capital Projects
Long Term (20-30 years)
Low Rates (6%-7%)

Professional Planning

Business Case Support
Network Audits
OSS/BSS Architecture
Content Delivery
Process Development Improvement

End-to-End Program Management

Quality Control
Design Documents in Preferred Format (.shp files, CAD,etc.)
Material Ordering and Logistics Coordination
As Built Final Design Documents
Baseline Test Results and Associated Certifications
Online Design and Disaster Recovery tools for use by Client

Safety (SHEQ OSHA) Program

Process and Standards Reviewed and Inspected daily
Automated, Remote Inspection Capabilities
Central Data Storage with Date Time Stamps to Protects the Client Erroneous Liability Claims


GIS Mapping of All Structures in the Market
Physical Walk-out of Coverage Area
AS-Built Change Management
Data Integrity


Desktop Analysis
CAPEX Expenditure Estimates
High Level Design
Low Level Design
Bill of Materials


Rights of Way
Pole Sharing Negotiation
Underground Trenching
Directional Drilling
Blowing Cables
Civil Works
Beach Landing Manholes
Cable Landing Stations


Quality Assurance
Network Activation

Service Delivery

Large Volumes
Bespoke Networks / Secure Networks

Operation & Maintenance Services

Network Monitoring
Physical Inspection for High Risk Conditions
Field Dispatch

Training & Certification

European Fiber Optic Association
FOA CFOT® certified
City Guilds
SHEQ and OSHA Certified Inspectors

Disaster Recovery

Immediate Disaster Recovery Services
Managed Restoration and Repair of Damaged Networks
Documenting and Cataloguing Damage (to include GL Tagging Compiling Data)
Provide Damage Reports
Accelerated Insurance Claim Process

Emergency Mobility in Hurricane Situations

AgilNetworks staged 150 resources from 5 countries within 6 days to initiate disaster recovery protocols. With this rapid response, we reduced the time needed to provide data to claim adjusters and as a result our customers received cash relief form insurers much faster.

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